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Create 20+ AI DJ Tags

Create 20+ AI DJ Tags

The #1 platform for creating professional-quality voice tags 🏆

Variety of different expressions
Multiple advanced effect chains
Cutting-edge AI models
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Cheaper than other services.
$0.50 per tag
More variety than other services.
1,000,000+ unique combinations
Quicker delivery than other services.
12 min delivery

20+ Voice Models

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Voice Model Image 4
Voice Model Image 4
Voice Model Image 4
Voice Model Image 4
Voice Model Image 4
Whether you need a deep, commanding voice for your DJ drops or a smooth and professional voice for your brand, Moshpyt has a voice model that will suit your needs.– The Moshpyt Team ❤️

Advanced Vocal Effects

  • Our algorithm applies a variety of effects such as:
    Reverse Reverb
  • These are applied to your DJ tag in the perfect proportions by our algorithms. Each DJ tag is unique, truly upping the level of your music.
  • You do not have to spend any time tweaking the parameters of all of these sound effects, we will handle all of this for you!
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Thomas Riley
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all tags are awesome, super fast delivery,thank you bruh,happy customer!
William Blake
Verified Buyer
The tags that I got are perfect!
Cortez Anim
Verified Buyer
I wrote the wrong pronunciation but they gave me a free redo! Highly recommend
James Lee
Verified Buyer
Very cool... thanks!
Caleb Wright
Verified Buyer
Fast, simple and good quality, the future for sure
Jackson Young
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Mason Green
Verified Buyer
Reliable asf, ordered like 5 different times unique tags every time
Verified Buyer
Great quality tags and effects. Now I've got 20 different tags for my beats if I wanna switch it up.
Oliver Smith
Verified Buyer
This is sick! No way I can be mad with my tags, they all look dope!
Ethan Smith
Verified Buyer
Yo, these tags are lit! Quick deliv, couldn't ask for more.
Michael Brown
Verified Buyer
Tight, dope tags! Shoutout to the team
Verified Buyer
These tags are the real deal, no cap
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Noah Johnson
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Ethan Davis
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Eli Wilson
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Reliable asf, got so many different tags, never the same
Astan Korani
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Best customer service ever, my mistake on the spelling and they fixed it no prob
Logan Brown
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Got a new tag for every beat, all unique, thanks y'all!
Ethan King
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When will I receive my DJ tags?
You will receive your DJ tags as soon as they have been generated, which is usually under 30 minutes.
What format will my DJ tags be in?
Your DJ tags will be in full quality .WAV format!
What is a DJ tag?
A DJ tag, also known as a DJ drop or voice tag, is a short, distinctive audio clip that is used to identify the producer or DJ of a piece of music or audio content.
How can I create a professional DJ tag with Moshpyt?
Moshpyt's DJ tag maker platform offers a simple and intuitive interface for creating professional voice tags that will help you stand out in the music industry. Our AI-powered system allows you to easily customize your DJ tag with a wide range of vocal effects and voice models, ensuring that your tag is truly unique and professional-sounding.
Can I download my DJ tags generated by Moshpyt?
Yes, you can download the DJ tags as long as they are not the demo DJ tag. They will be downloaded as a .ZIP folder with .WAV files.
Can I make free DJ tags with Moshpyt?
Yes, we offer 3 free DJ tag generations so you can nail down the pronunciation you desire! If you require more free generations to get the pronunciation right please email
Can you give some DJ tag examples?
Sure, here are 5 DJ tag examples:
  • Damn ____ going crazy!
  • ____ made this one!
  • ____ this beat go crazy!
  • ____ on the beat!
  • ____ you fire for this one!
Do I own 100% rights to the DJ tags generated by Moshpyt?
Yes! Any DJ tag you purchase you own 100% of the exclusive rights for!
Do you offer refunds for DJ tags?
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for DJ tags made on Moshpyt as we incur costs to generate the tags.
What makes a good DJ tag?
A good DJ tag is short, catchy, and memorable. It should represent your unique brand as a producer and be easy to recognize. Using a DJ tag generator like Moshpyt can help you create the perfect tag by combining your chosen phrase with various vocal effects and voice models.
How does Moshpyt's DJ tag maker differ from other online tag generators?
Moshpyt's DJ tag maker stands out from other online tag generators with its user-friendly interface, AI-powered system, and extensive customization options. Our platform enables you to create high-quality, unique DJ tags that will help you stand out in the music industry.
Why should I use a DJ tag generator like Moshpyt?
Using a DJ tag maker like Moshpyt saves you time and effort in creating professional-sounding tags. Our AI-powered system allows for quick customization of vocal effects and voice models, making it easy to create a unique and memorable tag that represents your brand as a producer.
Can I use Moshpyt's DJ tag generator for different genres of music?
Absolutely! Moshpyt's DJ tag generator is versatile and can be used to create DJ tags for various genres, including hip-hop, electronic, pop, and more. The wide range of vocal effects and voice models ensures that your tag will suit the style of music you produce.
How can I make my DJ tag more memorable with Moshpyt's DJ tag maker?
To make your DJ tag more memorable with Moshpyt's DJ tag maker, focus on creating a short, catchy phrase that represents your brand. Experiment with different vocal effects and voice models to find the perfect combination that makes your tag stand out and be easily recognizable.

How Does It Work?

Discover the seamless process behind Moshpyt's innovative DJ tag generator and tag maker. Our cutting-edge AI technology revolutionizes the way DJ tags are created, ensuring you get the highest quality and most unique tags for your music. Here's a step-by-step guide on how our DJ tag generator and maker works:
  1. Place an order: As soon as you place an order, our AI system jumps into action. It intelligently selects the best voice models and expressions that suit your custom tag, ensuring your DJ tag represents your brand effectively.
  2. Generate DJ tags: The AI system then generates a variety of base DJ tags, each tailored to your specific needs. These base tags serve as the foundation upon which our DJ tag maker will build.
  3. Effects pipeline: Once the base DJ tags are generated, they are passed through our sophisticated effects pipeline. This is where the magic happens, as unique effects like reverb, delay, and compression are applied to each tag. The result is a diverse selection of professional-sounding DJ tags, each with its distinct character.
By utilizing Moshpyt's advanced DJ tag generator and maker, you can effortlessly create high-quality, memorable tags for your music. Our AI-powered system takes care of the entire process, from voice model selection to effects application, ensuring you get the best DJ tags that help you stand out in the music industry.